Sunday, August 30, 2015


I try really hard not to spend money on things I don´t need. But when it comes to filofax supplies or anything concerning stationery, I´m weak.
All these super necessary bits and pieces with colorful designs - and then there is this thing about having fun collecting things.

Generally I´m not the biggest fan of this cartoon- kawaii- kitsch kind of stuff. I do like it more clean and simple.


That´s the reason why I´m not going to use all of these stamps. The two with bows are not really me,
but I do like the one with this twig-frame and the one with the banner on it, a lot actually. 

And it was only 2,50€ at Hema, including ink pad.

washi tape

I couldn´t resist buying these pretty washi tapes. My favorites are the blue-checkered and the pink-dotted one. They really look good on my planner´s pages and they are sober, somehow.

Decorating lists or planner pages is so much fun and of course, there is always a reasonable cause to expand your collection with new supplies.

I bought the single-colored tapes to mark important things in my planner, like assignments or appointments; not that I have a bunch of highlighter pens.

Seems like I´m into pink colours these days.

Another shot of the patterned ones. 

The second tape´s color combination of pink, yellow, gray and teal I do like a lot. I purchased it at fnac for 3€.


Even though it might seem like I lied before- when I told you I don´t like kitsch- I bought these pastry-stickers you can see in the front. I thought it would look very cute, if I used these in my planner when me and my friends meet in a cafĂ© to eat some cake while chatting. 

The little hearts I want to put next to my friends´and family´s birthdays´ reminder in my planner. Just to add some detail to my pages. 

The kind of ugly stickers in the back I want to use to color-code my sport tracking book. If you want to hear more about it, let me know!

For now, I think that´s all. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you didn´t, please tell me what bothers you.
This blog is kind of a learning-by-doing project.

See you!

Saturday, August 29, 2015


When I woke up this morning, I really felt like eating something yummy. But when I opened the fridge, there was no room for hope anymore. No bread, no oatmeal, no yogurt, no fruits.

The only things left were some eggs and milk. Great.
After pitying myself, I finally sat down to look for some pancake recipes on the internet.
And I was shocked: Is it really that complicated to make pancakes? And necessary to melt butter and buy buttermilk? Seriously, nobody´s got buttermilk at home.

In the end I just tried making pancakes without having a recipe and with the few things I had at home. And I really liked the result. That´s why I´m gonna share it with you.