Saturday, August 29, 2015


When I woke up this morning, I really felt like eating something yummy. But when I opened the fridge, there was no room for hope anymore. No bread, no oatmeal, no yogurt, no fruits.

The only things left were some eggs and milk. Great.
After pitying myself, I finally sat down to look for some pancake recipes on the internet.
And I was shocked: Is it really that complicated to make pancakes? And necessary to melt butter and buy buttermilk? Seriously, nobody´s got buttermilk at home.

In the end I just tried making pancakes without having a recipe and with the few things I had at home. And I really liked the result. That´s why I´m gonna share it with you.

recipe for about 13 pancakes

  • 3               eggs
  • 250 g        flour
  • 1 pkt.        baking powder
  • 400 ml      milk
  • a bit of      canned whipped cream

First of all you have to separate the three eggs.
Then beat the egg white until fluffy. Do it before you deal with the egg yolk, because you need a clean mixer to get it fluffy.

Now it´s time to add milk and canned whipped cream to the separated egg yolk. To me it´s kind of hard to tell how much whipped cream you´ll need. It´s going to sweeten and thicken your dough, so just add as much as you feel like.

The flour-baking powder-mixture is next. Just add it to the dough little by little.

Last step - stir in the beaten egg whites.

You only need to pan-fry them, that´s it.

I´m neither a professional cook nor an expert in inventing recipes, but I really like eating and I can tell you, I enjoyed eating these pancakes a lot.

It´d be awesome if you guys told me whether you liked these pancakes or not, in case you gave them a shot.

And please tell me if I used some weird word combinations, constructed wrong sentences or something.

See you!

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