Sunday, October 18, 2015


" If I had to choose, which nail polishes would I keep and which ones would I throw away?" Back home I asked myself this question just for fun, when I was deciding which nail polish to wear. Sometimes it took me a little while, because my collection of nail polishes in every imaginable colour and shade is bigger than I ever thought it would be.

Now everything has changed, because I don´t live at home anymore; at least for half a year. So this nail-polish-struggle became real.

These little glass bottles are heavier than I expected them to be. Sadly, I made this experience when I tried to stuff my luggage with a ton of them. There was no loophole: I had to make my decision.

Here we go!

First of all I present you guys my selection of nude- light brownish nail polishes, which I love to wear in any season. The one in the left upper corner by p2 is called "030 skin" nail foundation. This one and the next one by p2, called "143 forever", have a creamy and smooth finish. The third one by KIKO ( nr. 209) is more like a light and transparent polish. It looks very neat on your nails.

This white one by essence ( "33 wild white ways") is actually better than I thought, especially for its low price. The opacity is not too bad and let´s be honest - every girl needs a white nail polish. Wearing it, your hands look so elegant - I just love it.

Even though it doensn´t happen that often, still I´m in the mood for colourful nails sometimes. Usually
I´m not the biggest fan of yellow or green on my nails, but red and pink is pretty cool though.

" 01 loose your heart on the board" by essence is just a gorgeous colour, not fluorescent or anything, just eye-catching and fresh.

And of course, no one should be traveling without a classic red. I love this look of timeless beauty that Astor´s " 305 a drive in my cabriolet?" creates.

And last but not least, my dark nail polishes, that I think I like the most, especially now, in fall.
It´s essence´s "144 black is back", obviously a plain black that I like a lot ,although my family keeps telling me that I look like a witch when I wear it.
The next one is KIKO´s "697", my newest baby. It´s pretty cool, because it has a velvet satin finish and contains very small glitter pigments in dark blue.
The very last one is my biggest love ever: " luxedoo" by essie. On the picture it may look like it´s black, but in fact it´s a really dark bloody- aubergine red. It´s super easy to apply, it´s long lasting, it dries very fast and even one coat only looks great.

Even though I couldn´t imagine a life with only nine different nail polishes, I think I´m doing fine. Besides, it´s only for a few months more.

If anyone of you guys knows a beautiful light gray colour, tell me! I´m looking for it for what feels like forever.

See you! 

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